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Vision & Mission

Vision: A World Where People Everywhere #DefyGravity and #SpreadJoy

Mission: To #DefyGravity and #SpreadJoy by Helping Others Live, Laugh, Love, and Learn Wholeheartedly

Defying gravity is about more than the physical force (e.g. with juggling); it’s overcoming undue graveness or “terminal seriousness.” Spreading joy is about more than laughter (e.g. with humor); it’s sharing things like faith, hope, love, and good will. Along these lines…

Every Booking = Clean Water

While laughter is like a cup of water to thirsty souls, In Jest also brings H2O to people. Our current goal is to bring at least 200 people clean water for a year.

Did you know? Every In Jest booking or referral supports charity:water and other initiatives.

About 1 in 11 people worldwide go without ready access to clean water, and dirty water kills more people than all forms of violence. In the past decade, millions have gained access, which promotes health, education, and more – especially for women and children.

On a Personal Note…

Though Nels Ross, CEO of In Jest, Inc., maintains a wacky schedule at times – with no sick days, no personal days, and no worker’s compensation – he is grateful for his work and relative wellness. Along with his faith, these are reasons he strives to keep costs low, cap his income, support good causes, and provide free or reduced-fee services for nonprofits.

You can help! Refer others to spread joy, and earn credit for each referral. Learn More »

Fun at Give Kids the World in Orlando, FL, before a free show for “the bravest kids and their families” (not pictured for privacy reasons).