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Videos from Nels’ Vimeo Channel

Nels on filmstripNels’ Vimeo channel features the videos below. Feel free to subscribe to see new videos as they become available.

Trouble viewing? Want more? Contact In Jest for other options and videos, including full routines and shows.


Nels Ross – Performer, Speaker, Oddball
Main preview video, 2 min. (also on the Home page)


Nels Ross – Funny & Inspirational Keynote Speaker
“Building Net Mirth” keynote at Roy-Hart CSD, 6.5 min.

Nels Ross – High School Assembly Program
“Possibilities” assembly at NR-W High School, 5.5 min.

Nels Ross – Comedy Variety Show (All Ages)
“In Jest” family show at Chautauqua Institution, 5 min.

Nels Ross – Comedy Juggler at RIT
Highlights from 15-minute act at RIT Juggle-In, 5 min.