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Thanks for Helping Spread Joy and Do Good!

Every booking or referral can spread joy and potentially have far-reaching impact, since In Jest supports clean water projects and wellness initiatives through charity:water and others.

In the past ten years, millions of people have gained access to clean water, which positively impacts health, education, and more – especially for women and children. Still, about 1 in 11 people worldwide live without it.

Consider this…

Dirty water kills more people than all forms of violence, including war. About $30 per year can give someone access to clean water.
In Jest makes a donation to such causes for every booking, with 5% of profits as a short-term goal and 10% or more as a long-term goal.

Here are ways you can help, directly or indirectly:

✓ Event planners… Book In Jest, or subscribe to keep in touch.
✓ Friends… Spread the word to someone you know.
✓ Fans… Follow @NelsRoss on your favorite social media.
✓ Lovers… Consider giving someone clean water today.

Together, we can spread joy and end the water crisis.

Doing More Good

In Jest is currently pursuing projects and partnerships with several nonprofits. We are also seeking ways to provide more free or reduced-fee services for organizations from Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY to Give Kids the World in Orlando, FL.

Nels Ross, CEO of In Jest, Inc., admits to having a ridiculous schedule at times, as well as no sick days, no personal days, and no worker’s compensation. Yet he is grateful for his work and general good health. Along with his faith, these are reasons he chooses a modest capped income, and strives to pay it forward with the rest.

Fun at Give Kids the World before a free show for “the bravest kids and their families” (not pictured for privacy reasons).

Would You Help Spread the Word?

It’s humbling to realize how much good In Jest gets to do, due in part to referrals from friends like you. Frankly, it’s hard to track it all and thank people properly. So instead of referral gifts, In Jest pays it forward.

Would you help spread the word? Post, tweet, or send your friends a message, such as: “If you haven’t already, check out the uplifting services offered by” If possible, tag or copy us so that we can thank you.