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Thanks for Helping Defy Gravity and Spread Joy!

Along with the gift of laughter, with each booking In Jest gives someone in the world clean water for a year (see below). You can help:

✓ Friends… Refer someone you know to
✓ Fans… Follow @InJestInc on social media.
✓ Clients… Contact us to hold a date or subscribe.
✓ Givers… Consider giving someone clean water.

Give, and Ye Shall Receive

Laughter and giving are contagious. Let’s start an epidemic! In Jest serves national corporate events to regional nonprofits, mostly by word of mouth. So we’re trying something new…

Share the code GIVE100 for $100 off* fees through 1/31/20. Plus, get $100 credit* per referral.

*We may give a bigger discount or credit, depending on the client or referral. Referral credits are for each new client and are transferable, so you can save them up or give them to your favorite organization. 🙂

Know anyone who wants more laughter and less stress? Please connect us with them, post on social media, or tell your friends: “Hey! Check out Get $100 off right now with the code GIVE100. Tell them I sent you.” Of course, this promotion is subject to change. So thanks for feedback and for spreading the word!

Every Booking = Clean Water

While laughter is like a cup of water to thirsty souls, In Jest also helps bring H2O to people through charity:water and other initiatives.

In the past decade, millions of people have gained ready access to clean water, which promotes health, education, and more – especially for women and children. Yet dirty water continues to kill more people than all forms of violence, with about 1 in 11 people worldwide going without it.

Want to help? Through one-time or monthly gifts, you too can give someone clean water.
With each booking or referral, In Jest gives at least one person clean water for a year.

Together we can help end the water crisis!

On a Personal Note…

Though Nels Ross, CEO of In Jest, Inc., maintains a wacky schedule at times – with no sick days, no personal days, and no worker’s compensation – he is grateful for his work and general good health. Along with his faith, these are reasons he keeps overhead low, caps his income at a modest level, and strives to be generous.

In addition to support from friends and fans, In Jest is pursuing projects and partnerships in order to give more to good causes and to provide more free or reduced-fee services for nonprofits.

Fun at Give Kids the World in Orlando, FL before a free show for “the bravest kids and their families” (not pictured for privacy reasons).