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Thanks for Helping Spread Joy


In Jest is celebrating 25+ years of entertaining and uplifting audiences. To thank our clients and friends…

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We love to reward friends who allow us the privilege of keeping in touch via email. Plus…

Get Credit for Referrals

Refer new clients and get credit for each one who books – about 20%, so refer five similar clients and earn a free event. (Travel/expenses not included.) We may give a BIGGER credit, as we serve regional nonprofits to national corporate events.

Know anyone who works for a company or nonprofit that could use more joy and less stress? Please connect us with them, post on social media, or message them: “Hey! Check out Tell them I sent you.” Also…

Did you know? Every booking or referral supports good causes too. Learn more.

Laughter and giving are contagious. Let’s start an epidemic! 😂

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