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Nels Ross – School Assembly Programs (School Assemblies)

Nels Ross School Assembly ProgramsNels Ross is “The Inspirational Oddball.” His gravity-defying school assemblies and workshops promote character education, anti-bullying, reading, and STEM/STEAM through physical theater, variety arts, and humor. With 2,000+ elementary, middle, and high school assembly programs to rave reviews, he uplifts students and staff in NY, PA, OH, CT, NJ, MI, and across the U.S..

Applying his diverse background – including a Masters in Education, and training with instructors from UB Theatre & Dance and Cirque du Soleil – Nels engages and inspires audiences with connections to character, reading, math, science, and other curriculum… All “in jest,” or in fun!

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• Gravity-Defying School Assemblies & Workshops
• Re: Character Education, Anti-Bullying, Reading, STEM / STEAM through Physical Theater, Variety Arts & Humor
• 2,000+ Elementary, Middle & High School Assembly Programs to Rave Reviews
• Serving NY, PA, OH, CT, NJ, MI & Across U.S.

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School Assembly Programs

In Jest Character Education Celebration
This energizing and inspirational performance highlights character education issues, such as respect and responsibility, and the principle that every person has value and potential.
💡Can focus on anti-bullying or diversity upon request, for Olweus and more. (K-12)

“five stars!… positive message”

Cattaraugus-Little Valley School

In Jest Healthy Choices Celebration
An uplifting performance promoting healthy choices which develop body, mind, and character, with age-appropriate messages on nutrition, exercise, substance abuse, and “joy-full” living.
💡Supports Red Ribbon Week, wellness, and drug/alcohol awareness. (K-12)

“truly wonderful… stellar performance”

F P Donnelly School

In Jest Science & Math (STEM/STEAM) Show
Explore math and science principles including forces, energy, and motion through juggling, bouncing, acrobatics, spinning plates, and other fun stuff.
💡Designed to reinforce STEM/STEAM initiatives. (K-6) News Article

“absolutely fabulous!”

Corning Museum of Glass

In Jest Reading Celebration
Get pumped up to “read, know, and grow” on a journey to wherever we want to go, through this upbeat and laughter-filled performance.
💡A great kick off or complement to PARP, RIF, and related programs. (K-6)

“spectacular, as always!”

Windermere School

In Jest: The Greatest Show on Mirth
A celebration of life and laughter, and how each of us can help bring “mirth” or joy to the world. It’s about gifts, giving, and being a gift to others.
💡Perfect for holidays, family fun nights, end of the year, etc.. (All Ages)

“thanks for bringing so much joy!”

Riverview School

Workshops & Residencies

Juggling & Life Skills Playshops
Participants join in age-appropriate juggling and related activities with peacock feathers, scarves, beanbags, or other props. These activities develop life skills such as self-discipline, along with parts of the brain used in reading, writing, math, and science.
💡Available with school assemblies, through PE, after school, etc.. (K-12) More Benefits

“rave reviews from faculty and students”

Our Lady of Mercy High School

Juggling for Success Residency
Combine assemblies and playshops for a one-day to five-day residency that teaches juggling and life skills, and encourages positive decision making. Add “Family Juggling Night” to involve the whole school community.
💡Can be coordinated with PE and parent-teacher goals. (K-6) Info Packet

“highlight of our school year”

Plank Road South School


Student & Staff Development

Interactive one- to two-hour programs for student & staff development, conferences, training, etc..

Leadership: It’s What You Do Do
Through contagious humor and playful activities, secondary students learn how every person has potential to demonstrate leadership and to make a positive difference in the lives of others. (7-12)

“scored PERFECT on our surveys”

APA Solutions

In Jest Staff Development Program
Help staff reduce stress and enhance joy, health, and productivity through humor and play. With a focus on the laughter-learning connection, participants will be energized and equipped to “build net mirth” and get more “smileage” out of work and life. Info & Online Video «NEW

“fantastic presentation!… marvelous!”

Association of California School Administrators

“standing ovation!”

National Center for Education Research & Technology

In central or western New York (CNY or WNY)? Consider booking through YAWNY or your area BOCES. In PA, OH, CT, NJ, MI, or elsewhere? Contact In Jest for booking info. Nels’ school assembly programs, school assemblies, and workshops have also been featured at…

School assembly programs are not just for schoolsSchool assembly programs are not just for schools

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