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You Picked the Pipe!

Hi! I’m pleased that you picked the “|” or “pipe.”

Nels peekingMost people pass over this particular page. The purely practical may not perceive any purpose. The paranoid may avoid the peculiar, petrified that a persistent virus will potentially plague their poor PC. The pretentious may point out that it’s plainly petty to peruse this pointless prose.

Pity! I profess that such playful pursuits can be profitable.

Puzzling over your preference for this page? Or perhaps this seems painful or plodding? Patience, please! You’ve persevered thus far, so I’ll proceed to the point…

By picking the pipe, you proved a proclivity for playfulness. And I proclaim that this planet profits from people like you. Why? Play is a powerful path to plenty of positives!

Preposterous? No, it’s proven! Ponder this… Playful people have produced a plethora of helpful products, patents, and practices. Plus, when play is applied properly, they tend to be more personable and productive. So I’m persuaded you will prosper in the present and in the future, provided you couple play with productivity.

Thus, I propose that you press on to pursue whatever piques your interest on these pages, as well as any personal prospect or path that promotes a positive purpose!