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Building Net Mirth: Keys to Greater Joy, Health & Productivity

About the presenter… Nels Ross is The Inspirational Oddball™ and CEO of In Jest, Inc. ( Working solo and with others, he defies gravity and spreads joy throughout the known universe.

About the program… Get more smileage out of work and life! Participants will learn ways to reduce stress and enhance joy, health, and productivity through humor and play. They will also be equipped with practical resources to gain and maintain energy, focus, connection, and resilience, long after the program. Depending on needs, the focus can include morale, creativity, learning, service, communication, and teamwork.

Available as a one- to two-hour program for teacher appreciation, training, conferences, etc..

About this video… For more than a decade, Nels has received rave reviews for his funny and inspirational keynotes at corporate and nonprofit events, conferences, conventions, etc.. With his background in education, Nels is pleased to help teachers, administrators, and others “build net mirth.” It’s the perfect staff development program to kick off the school year, show teacher appreciation, or refresh any time of the year.

In addition to educators, Nels uplifts all kinds of audiences at corporate events, conferences, conventions, etc.. See Speaker page for info and testimonials.


Everybody is energized and enthused for the start of school… I have been teaching since 1969; this is the best way to start that I’ve ever seen… We’re so pumped up to teach the kids. It was the best message, and it was just so much fun… I thought this was a great presentation, a really phenomenal way to start the year…”
Royalton-Hartland Central School District Staff

Fantastic presentation! It was a really good experience for this group because they are very stressed… You had everybody involved. Marvelous!
Robert Martinez, Association of California School Administrators

“Thank you again for presenting at our event last week. People are still talking about it, practicing their juggling, and saying that it was the best kick off ever!
Laryn Bishop, Solano County Office of Education, Fairfield, CA

“Thank you for speaking at our conference in St. Petersburg. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on building net mirth, and the discussions and standing ovation proved that it was very well received!”
Anita Johnson, National Center for Education Research & Technology

“A dynamic, entertaining presentation that involved our entire staff in team building! We learned ways to integrate humor into the workplace and classroom, and the importance of laughter to a better life.”
Melisa Niver, Orleans/Niagara BOCES

“The program was both entertaining and informative. What a wonderful way to illustrate the importance of laughter in our lives! We still wear the clown noses now and then to ease the tension.”
Martha Troutner, Penncrest School District