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Motivational speaker? Try oddspirational! Nels Ross is Chief Executive Oddball of In Jest, Inc.. As a keynote speaker and “enter-trainer,” he employs comedy and juggling (humor and play) to promote physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health.

Working solo and with others, Nels shares oddspiration™, or fun and inspiration, to enhance morale, wellness, resilience, creativity,  teamwork, and growth. His interactive virtual and in-person programs have consistently won rave reviews from corporate, nonprofit, and other clients for 25 years, from Australia to Bermuda and Canada to Mexico.

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About Nels Ross, MEd PHD VA GF…

He applies his Masters in Education… plus Professional Humor Development via Variety Arts and General Foolishness. (?!)

His full name is Nels Ross Cremean, but Nels Ross is simpler and confuses creditors.

His background includes touring with a circus, and juggling five kids (which is always a circus).

He works with top-notch speakers, entertainers, event planners, and therapists.

Ask About These Themes & More…

“Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can.” —Danny Kaye

Objective: Empower participants to Laugh often, and Invest in a positive Vision.

How can we have more zest and less negative stress? Be more positive, playful, present, and purposeful? It’s not just knowing the latest research on resilience, humor, mindfulness, or intention. We practice until these become life habits, when we choose to “live backwards” and “pay it forward.”

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” —Willy Wonka

Objective: Encourage participants to Laugh, Adjust their grip, and celebrate [Fill in the blank]…

Yes, laughter is good medicine. A sense of humor + connection + purpose + core beliefs is better medicine. So we celebrate fun, family & friends, fulfilling work, and faith, for our physical, social, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Bonus: Add fitness and finances for more alliteration and even greater health!

“Love is the ultimate and highest goal…” —Victor Frankl

Objective: Inspire participants to LAUGH, Uplift others, and Value all people.

Unlike communism, love is not just good in theory—we can know it and show it in a bazillion ways. We can strive to Listen, Affirm, and Understand, with Grace and Humor (LAUGH)… Uplift others… Value all people… These are all ways to “practice joy on the path of service.”

“We don’t have any chainsaws? Not any?! How am I ever going to learn how to juggle?” —Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes)

Objective: Empower participants to Laugh, take positive Risks, and employ constructive Nonsense.

Dr. Seuss said, “Nonsense wakes up the brain cells.“ Constructive humor, play, and nonsense can be powerful tools to promote positive risk taking, problem solving, and continual growth. They can also help us reframe destructive thoughts about ourselves and others, that we might learn from mistakes and from one another.

The Proof is in the Pudding…

“I’ve been a department head for 20+ years and attended the orientation sessions each year. Your presentation was EXCELLENT from so many different aspects. It appealed to and captivated everyone, young and old, and left an impression that will be remembered. Powerful!!!
–Geri Hart, Property Manager, Holiday Valley Resorts

Fantastic presentation! It was a really good experience for this group because they are very stressed… You had everybody up and involved… Marvelous!
–Robert Martinez, Association of California School Administrators

I laughed until I cried. Seriously. Nels put people at ease and shared some very valuable ideas and tools… We truly appreciated his perspective and enthusiasm, and the unique knowledge he shared with us.”
–Susan Kirk, SofTrek Corporation

“Thank you for speaking at our conference in St. Petersburg. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on building net mirth, and the discussions and standing ovation proved that it was very well received.”
–Anita Johnson, National Center for Education Research & Technology

“Thank you again for presenting at our event last week. People are still talking about it, practicing their juggling, and saying that it was the best kick off ever!
–Laryn Bishop, Solano County Office of Education, Fairfield, CA

“From the standing ovation you received, it’s clear that the evening entertainment was a sensation. And everyone rated the humor seminar as EXCELLENT. For many attendees, you were the highlight of the conference!
–Conference Committee, Michigan Society of Professional Engineers

“I’ve never received such positive feedback on a seminar! It was fun and very inspiring. Nels knows how to inspire employees to enjoy work and life.”
–Kathie Mann, Cognigen Corporation

“Our retreat was designed to help employees deal with stress and change. Your presentation fit perfectly. The audience walked away with a smile and concrete examples of how to use humor effectively.”
–Mike Sullivan, Chautauqua Institution

“Sometimes we focus too much of our attention on technical staff development and forget the human side of the workplace. Your presentation was great for team building and improving communication.”
–Linda O’Donnell, Buffalo State College

Excellent! Our staff and volunteers were equipped with ideas and resources for improving the experience of patients and others. And they experienced first hand that laughter really is good medicine!
–Karen Synor, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

In Jest keynotes and entertainment have wowed:

3M Company
Akzo Nobel
Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Allegheny College
American Heart Association
American Military Engineers
Benderson Development
Bermuda Magic
Buffalo Bisons
Buffalo Sabres
Buffalo State College
Canadian Association of Magicians
Canisius College
Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
Chautauqua Institution
Columbus Magi-Fest
Cornell University
Corning Inc.
Corning Museum of Glass
Creative Problem Solving Institute
Daemen College
Fredonia Opera House
Genesee Community College
Gold Wing Road Riders Association
H&R Block
Holiday Valley Resorts
Independent Health
Ingram Micro
Lewiston Jazz Festival
M&T Bank
Mack Trucks
Magic ‘n Miracles Canada Tour
Mental Health Association
Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute
National Hockey League
Niagara County Community College
Niagara Power Project
Niagara University
Operation Serve Mexico
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
Oswego Harborfest
Peek ‘n Peak Resort
Philips Healthcare
Rich Products
Rochester Institute of Technology
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Seneca Meadows
Shakespeare in Delaware Park
Shea’s Performing Arts Center
Society of Professional Engineers
Strong National Museum of Play
Texas Association of Magicians
Uniland Development
United States Air Force
University at Buffalo
Watson Bowman Acme Corp.
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