Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, I’m washing my face more and touching my hands less. Also, see In Jest’s Good Faith Service Policy regarding virtual and in-person events, and follow me on social media for developments to promote joy, health, service, and growth (links in footer).

Anyone within throwing distance. I provide entertainment for all ages, arts-in-ed programs for youth, and keynotes for adults (or people who resemble adults). I’ve thrilled audiences of all sizes, from 20 to 20,000 people.

The sky is the limit… though I prefer to work on the ground. I’ve worked around the globe, from Australia to Bermuda and Canada to Mexico. Now, virtual programs can be done anywhere there is an internet connection. 

Typically keynotes are 60-90 minutes, shows are 30-60 minutes, and arts-in-ed programs are 45 minutes. Working with others, I’ve also produced two-hour variety shows, full-day training seminars, and six-week juggling/life courses (with extra espresso).

Some speakers and entertainers ask $10K or more. I’m usually less! 😉 But seriously… It depends on the service, location, and scale – e.g. small, medium, and big productions. And I’m glad to help out nonprofits and other special cases.

Small productions literally fit in a carry-on case. Medium ones include bigger acts, edge-of-your-seat stunts, and more audience participation. Big ones can incorporate oversized props, multi-media, and even multiple presenters for large venues and events.

Tech needs vary depending on the event. For example, padded walls make me feel at home but are not required. Generally, I can work in almost any clean, well lit space. Suggestions for bigger events and productions can be found here.

Yes, though only in appropriate settings and following NFPA and NAFAA guidelines for safety. If Fortune 500 companies and professional sports teams trust me, you can too. That said, most presentations involve more fun than danger.

Yes. Except for when I’m not. Properly applied, a little silliness promotes joy, health, peace, and more. For some of my thoughts on this, see Let There Be Laughter.