Oddspiration™ for Virtual & Live Events

Nels Ross, CEO of In Jest, Inc., works solo and with others to bring oddspiration, or fun and inspiration, to virtual and live events. His mission is to help folks “Live, Laugh, Love & Learn with JOY.”


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Teaching Artist

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About Nels Ross

✶ His full name is Nels Ross Cremean. But Nels Ross is simpler and confuses creditors.

✶ His background includes theater, teaching math, and touring with a circus. (Really.)

✶ He is popular with corporate events, nonprofits, conferences, and tax audits.

✶ He has performed from Australia to Bermuda and Canada to Buffalo, NY.

✶ He has worked with world-class talents, comedians, and therapists.

✶ Nels has a wife and five kids, one of whom will work with him.

25+ Years Spreading Joy!

Book early, as Nels is in demand and cloning attempts have failed.