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Technical Requirements

Tech needs vary depending on the scale of the event. Please give them proper consideration to help make your event a success, and contact In Jest at 716-575-5378 if you have questions or issues.

Minimum… Optimum (for big events and theatre shows)…
Stage 8 x 12 ft area with 9 ft ceiling. At least 12 x 16 ft area with 10 ft ceiling. For visibility and access, a stage 2 or 3 ft high with dark backdrop and steps in front is best.
Sound Presenter can provide, if driving. If presenter is flying or using house system, arrange for technician and system with two inputs (XLR) for wireless mic and music. Backup wireless lapel mic is recommended.
Lights Bright, evenly lit space. Arrange for technician and system with general wash and warm wash (Good), two par lights on floor behind presenter to light up high space (Better), and chases, follow spots, etc as available (Best).
Seating Seat people as close as possible. Theater style? Rope off back rows or set up only as many seats as needed – it’s better to add seats than to have a lot of empty ones. Long banquet hall? Put presenter by the long wall instead of at the end.
Set Up Provide access 30-45 minutes prior. Arrange for access and technicians for set up and rehearsal 1-2 hours prior. If specifically requested, keynotes may require laptop, remote, projector, and screen (placed upstage right or left, not center please).
Other Ask before taking pics or video. As applicable, provide presenter with bottled water, changing room with mirror and access to restroom, copies of marketing materials and reviews, and complimentary tickets for guests.