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Nels’ Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Who is your target audience?
Anyone within throwing distance. I’ve delighted groups of all kinds and sizes, from bankers to bikers and 20 to 20,000 people. I provide shows for all ages, assemblies for youth, and keynotes for adults (or people who resemble adults).

How far will you travel?
The sky is the limit… though I prefer to work on the ground. I’ve worked everywhere from Australia to Bermuda and Manitoba to Mexico. I can even do a visual comedy variety act for international audiences.

How long are your productions?
Typically shows are 30-60 minutes, assemblies are 45 minutes, and keynotes are 60-90 minutes. I also work with others to present everything from two-hour variety shows to full-day seminars (with extra espresso).

What are your fees?
Reasonable. Some of my contemporaries ask $5,000 to $10,000. I’m less. Specifics depend on the event, location, and scale of the production.

What’s the difference between small and big productions?
It’s not about length but scale. My small shows and keynotes incorporate the most fun that can possibly fit in a carry-on case, and are appropriate for smaller, informal events. My big shows and keynotes include bean bag chairs, giant beach balls, or other unbelievable flying objects… plus more audience participation, signature routines to lively music, edge-of-your-seat stunts, and effects suitable to the event.

What are your technical requirements?
Tech needs vary depending on the event. For example, padded walls make me feel at home but are not required. Generally, I can work in almost any clean, well lit space. Suggestions for bigger events and productions can be found here.

Do you juggle dangerous things?
Though optional, I juggle torches, knives, and whatnot in appropriate settings and following NFPA and NAFAA guidelines for fire safety. (If the Buffalo Bisons and Buffalo Sabres trust me, you can too.)

Are you always silly?
Yes… except for when I’m not. Properly applied, a little silliness promotes joy, health, peace, and more. For some of my thoughts on this, see “Let There Be Laughter”.